Violin Tailpiece - Wood Santa Fe

Violin Tailpiece - Wood Santa Fe

The Frirsz wood tailpieces are made from an engineered laminate. This consists of hardwoods that are responsibly harvested, stained, impregnated with resin, and cured to form a material that is strong, dimensionally stable, and durable. Our wood tailpieces are precisely machined, and then hand finished to a beautiful, lustrous shine.

These tailpieces feature the patented Frirsz three dimensional design that is guaranteed to transform your instrument. The wood tailpieces provide most of the benefits that our alloy tailpieces yield, but do so in a different look and at a lower price. You will hear and feel an immediate change in your instrument with one of our wood tailpieces installed, and as always, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

  • Tailpiece includes adjustable tailgut and fine tuner.


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