Choosing The Right Tailpiece

We offer a few different versions of our tailpieces. Here are some things to consider when deciding which is best for your instrument.

Alloy vs. Wood
- All of the Frirsz tailpieces will make a dramatic improvement in the performance of an instrument, but the large majority of players who have tested alloy vs. wood prefer the performance of the alloy tailpiece. They hear and feel improvements with either type of tailpiece, but they describe the alloy version as being more focused and resonant.

Budget - The retail price for our violin and viola alloy tailpieces is $299 and the wood versions are $179. Our cello tailpieces are only available in alloy and they sell for $349. We have lower cost versions of our cello tailpiece in development.

Viola Size - In general, for violas that are 16" and smaller we recommend using our violin tailpieces. The performance is excellent and the violin tailpiece looks better on smaller violas.

Fine Tuners - We include fine tuners on the E-string position of our violin tailpieces and the A-String position on our viola tailpieces. The wood versions of our violin and viola tailpieces are easily fitted with aftermarket fine tuners on all string positions. Our cello tailpiece features interchangeable fine tuners and keyhole string attachments so it can be customized to the player's liking. We do not include fine tuners on our bass tailpieces.

Colors - It's up to you. We try to present pictures of the tailpieces that accurately represent their colors. All of the options we offer are attractive and durable, and the color does not change the performance of the tailpiece.