The Frirsz Music Story

Nicholas Frirsz has devoted his life to the art of violin making. A fifth generation master violinmaker, Mr. Frirsz carries on the tradition of the oldest family of luthiers in the world. He began formal studies with his father at a very young age and developed a style that, while bearing a family resemblance and applying four generations of expertise, was clearly his own.

At age 17, Nicholas became the youngest violinmaker to win a gold medal in international competition when the Violin Society of America awarded him that honor. He went on to study at the Franz Liszt Academy in Budapest, Hungary, where he earned a Master Certification. Since then, Mr. Frirsz has built a loyal following of professional musicians who appreciate the superior craftsmanship, beautiful tone, and overall playability of his instruments.

The Frirsz family has long believed that there was untapped potential in tailpiece design. Nicholas began an intensive tailpiece development over 20 years ago. He hand carved tailpiece after tailpiece and applied lessons learned and new ideas to each successive design. After dozens of iterations, Mr. Frirsz knew he had achieved a breakthrough. He patented his design, then used modern materials and advanced manufacturing technology to put the tailpiece into production.

Mr. Frirsz is excited to have his tailpiece in the market, yet he continues to handcraft custom instruments for some of the most discerning musicians in the world. He is an accomplished cellist and guitarist, and he also holds a private pilot license. The Frirsz Music Company is located in upstate New York.